Thursday, May 29, 2008

yes I am still alive

crackhead owner of the building is in jail, went on a bender which was a serious violation of probation and it seems they are keeping him there for a while, suits me fine, now i have to find a new place to live.

13 years in this building , all gone because of a fucking retard and his habit, fuck I hate weak people.

Stressed out, getting a rash from all the crack smoke in the building, gah.

Speaking of weak, in a fit of self pity i bought a new lens for my camera, it was only 1400 bucks.

It is only money

look at the crispness of that image, nice lens the canon 70-200 f2.8 is

By the way this will be one of the last images of the strathscona train station now ironhorse bar, see that field in the fore ground?
A 100 unit condo complex is being thrown up there , there will be maybe 50 feet between the buildings when all is said and done. I would really want to live on the back side there, watching the drunks piss in the corners and throw beer bottles at your windows, fun fun

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fun Fun

So in the last couple of months the possession of the building I have lived in for the last 13 years reverted to the Husband of the husband/wife team that ran this one and about 6 others.

The reason for this is the wife left because the husband( we shall now call him dickhead) became a crack addict and the courts in their infinite wisdom awarded the the possession and running of the building to dickhead, obviously incapable and visibly unstable.

The first 2 months were not bad but then dickhead's buddies started coming around and drug dealers are now a regular sight about the building.

The neat thing is a bunch of us tenants got dickhead arrested about 4 days ago for breaching his probation for the 2nd time in a week.

The bad thing is dickhead had given out keys to all his crackhead buddies and they are all in his apartment now.

This building is now on the police departments crack house watch, the cop who runs it is one who gets a hard on getting in crack heads faces and though it may take time he seems to think we can get rid of the vermin including the owner, he can still own the building but he will not be allowed near it, suits me fine.

There are those of you out there who think that every life has value and everyone should be given a chance to make something of themselves, as I get older and having dealt with all of these shitheads that dickhead has allowed in the building, I can assure you that these people have no redeeming value and the faster they disappear of the face of the earth the better.

Their decisions have down nothing but cause grief to those of us that try and make our way through life , they care not about anything but feeding their addictions and when they become desperate they will very quickly rip you off. All they do is cost everybody time and money form those of us that deal with them personally to the police whom I am sure have better things to do and cannot do anything anyways unless they catch them in the act , as one cop said it is not against the law to be an addict.