Tuesday, January 24, 2006

this is clayton,he is my supervisor at work.he decided to try my gravity boots so i took advantage of him with my camera.

you just cannot look normal inverted

horses have only been in north america for about 300 years-the spanish brought them

Sunday, January 22, 2006

on assesment

it could not be said any better than this statement by leon chaitow


In order to make sense of what is happening when a patient presents with symptoms, it is necessary to be able to extract information, to construct a story – or possibly several stories – based on what the patient says, what the history suggests, and what can be palpated and tested. These ‘stories’ should ideally tally, and offer direction as to where therapeutic efforts should be concentrated.

Out of this should emerge a rationale for treatment, involving objectives which might reasonably be achievable. Reasonable objectives might sometimes involve complete recovery, or, in other circumstances, no more than a partial degree of improvement in the present condition. In other settings, ensuring that for the time being matters do not worsen may be the best possible scenario. Whatever the plan of action involves, it should be discussed and agreed with the patient, and should ideally involve active patient participation in the process.

a day at work

Saturday, January 21, 2006

i have always wanted to date a woman named erin,besides being all freaky and having the same names,well pronounciation anyways,i could scream my own name during sex and she would be none the wiser

hah i kill me-i am a funny guy



Wednesday, January 18, 2006

guess who raymond?
ray over at plaziers auto was giving me a hard time for not updating my blog so i have posted some photos of him from a friday evening get together at his shop(told you i would do it ray)

raymond has put up with my weirdness ever since my first renault so i will not give him too hard of a time. he is a hell of a guy and has a lot of good,interesting stories and is pretty funny too.

if you need a place for car repair in edmonton,look him up,he takes care of his customers.

ray hamming for the camera

ray explaining a point with randy,a nother of the regular guys looking on

randy and i looking like dorks

Ray Plaizier
Plaizier's Auto Service Ltd.
9925-77 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 1M6

Friday, January 13, 2006

hmmmm been neglectful of my blog as of late. there is a certain responsibility when one starts one of these to those who read it in a regular basis,kind of an unwritten contract,i write stuff and you come and read it and since you take the effort to read my stuff then i should be putting stuff up on at regular intrevals.

well in the court of blog i have been found guilty of neglecting my few faithful followers although i do check their sites out daily,i have not been commenting lately but i go to every one and see what is what.

i must be off to school so i will try and put my indellible print upon the blog world later and i will come over to all yous guyses places and make wry and witty comments that only i will laugh at.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Saturday, January 07, 2006

anyone know were my 1/4 inch drill bit went?

didn't think so

Thursday, January 05, 2006

the events of last night and the demise of my truck

20 seconds from home,yeah i am a stat,most accidents happen within a short distance from home. coming down 105 street like i do on a daily basis,the last intersection before my alley a lady in a small chev pickup did not stop at the stop sign. all i saw was a wall of green and kerblammo,it could not of been a more perfect t-bone.

launched her truck up the curb between a tree and a light standard and it came to rest about 30 feet away facing the oppisite direction she was travelling. my truck was spun around on it's front wheels and i ended up against the curb facing the way i was proceeding.

now if anyone who has actually seen me in real life they would know i have a really long torso and stubby little legs therefore i sit very close to the steering wheel. had my seatbelt on but still did not prevent me from centre punching the windsheild with the top of my noodle.

the first words out of my mouth were mother fucker(naturaly) but i quickly realised being pissed was not going to help matters,i turned a looked for the other vehicle and she was already out coming towards me. she was pretty stunned and was saying she was so sorry over and over. she was ok and i was ok so that what was really mattered.

the reality of this is it will hurt her more than me,i lost my truck and since it is an older vehicle i will hard pressed to get back what i lost in terms of vehicle and inconvienience but she is extremely young and going to school,she got a failure to stop ticket and her insurance rates are going to sky rocket. we both walked away so all is not lost-happy new year

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

farewell fine nissan

many a caber did you haul and carry me about on my daily deeds.the indiscretions of another at 545 these evening ended your life,that is the way it is.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

suspension design

ok i need to create a rear suspension for my new hot rod. the renault 8 is gonna lose the close ratio tranny and since it is a swing axle just like an old bug it will loose its rear wheels. this does not bother me as swing axles are a good way to die if you like cornering you car hard as i like to.

the problem is how much caster and anti squat do i impart into the design. do i make these totaly adjustable therfore dictating specific structure of the suspension. parallel uneven a-arms are the most simple to execute,the wheels will travel up and down nice and straight but difficult to adjust caster and anti squat. other designs require a lot of layout to make sure the pick up points are in the correct spots so the wheel does not do anything funky whilst traveling through it's range.

the other consideration this the car is from the 60's so it would not do estheticly speaking to have a modern formula 1 suspension back there.must sleep on this.

ok another friend i have converted to blogland. he goes by the handle of bob roberts

he is a writer and a playwrite,has had several plays in the fringe and all around good guy,never charges me for my pepsi's at the bar. this is him
cher says my last post was a lame attempt at attention.perhaps but everthing on that list is true so there. another thing wrong with me is that self loathing is an attribute that i cannot get rid of. it is true i throw things but i throw not well. i could improve a staggering amount if i were more faithful to my training but the fact that i am short and have unnaturaly short arms severly limits the upper end of what i can cast an implement. physics cannot be circumnavigated. but numbers are not why i throw or else i would of quit in my first season 6 years ago. i make my small improvements every year and there is nothing else that could be asked for.

short arms are good for bench pressing but that is a piss poor excuse of and exercise for demonstrating strength. none the less that did not stop me from seeing how much i could bench on the last day of the year. i pressed 300 hundred and 3 day after my right shoulder is completely fucked. i cannot raise my arm above my ear. i guess one should not do things like that especially since i have not benched seriously for about 9 or 10 years and the last time i did bench was 3 years ago just to see how much i could put up. suprise suprise it was 300 pounds then too. work was explorations in new demensions of pain,shoulder gets used heavily in machining,meh it was worth it,a least i earned my injury,37 years old pulling shit like that,i will take the pain,far too many people are old at 40 and i will not be one of them,self loathing aside.

so when i am loathing my self,just ignore me,it is somthing i do and it is not likely to change in the near future,it is part of my make up,most likely feeps me from being on behaviour modifying drugs because i just puke it all out,i used to write all this stuff in a book but now i do it on here,aren't you all lucky.

Monday, January 02, 2006

the things that are wrong with aaron

socially inept,you can be sure i will say the wrong thing and push people away

i try way too hard

i swear too much

i hate myself at times

i feel too much too fast

i am a moody bastard

my arms are too fucking short

my head is too big

i think about things way too much

i push too hard

i do not know when to shut up

i cannot read others body language

i am tired

Sunday, January 01, 2006

writings from the past

for the last couple of years there were certain women that i met and i dreamed about them.oh yes i wanted relationships with them and i imagined what it was like to partake of their bodies.they would not go out with me but i still dreamed untill their memory was consumed.but imagine for a minute if one of these women did come with me and we did consumate the relationship and her idea of sex was lying there while i sweat on top of her.could it be reconciled,personality in leiu of good sex? good sex in leiu of getting along well? no neither is acceptable.

writings from the past

you know it's not going to happen but you pray and and pray.hope lets us live through a lot of shit but it can also consume us with it's immpossibilities.hope is dangerous to active minds because these minds will create thousands of scenerios and you will be ripped constantly thinking about them all.

writings from the past

there is no such thing as freedom.we are all prisoners of our own existance.they who live within societies myriad rules are no more free than those who live beyond society and are branded as criminals and hunted down like animals.you are a prisoner of your own personality,of your whims and of course money.

new years