Monday, February 22, 2010

Law Affecting reality

Great talk on how litigation is affecting America

"You can't run a society by the lowest common denominator."

that is so true yet today, our society tries

Monday, February 08, 2010

Advocacy commercial

So on super bowl Sunday, CBS decided to allow an advocacy spot run for a very fundamentalist group called friends of the family . The commercial featured Pam Tebow and her son Tim who is a Heisman trophy winning college football player in the states. Whilst in the Philippines, Pam came down with something and it was recommended she get an abortion because the docs did not believe the fetus would be viable. Pam made a choice and that is fine, she got lucky.

The commercial is very innocuous, but that is not the point, it represents an organization that would like to remove the choice from a woman, what ever the consequences. The organization would like to remove other choices from people too, such as if you are gay. Apparently you are a little less close to god if you attracted to someone of the same sex.

My opinion is that as a guy, I have absolutely no say in what a woman does about her pregnancy, I am a sperm doner, that is what we guys are. The woman has her life irrevocably changed by carrying a fetus. Women do all the work. If a woman carries my fetus to term, I am now responsible for a life, that is where I come in. Until then, it is the woman who calls the shots.

Guys will say that is my baby in there, you know what, if the woman you are with decides not to have your baby, go find some one who is willing too. Convincing or forcing a woman who does not want to to be pregnant to carry to term is not a way to bring a child into the world or keep a relationship together. I have seen the results of that move and it rarely ends well for any of the involved.