Thursday, September 29, 2005


got a call from one of the u of a track coaches,he asked me if i wanted to therapize some high end athletes,some of whom have gone to the olympics. doors could be opening into my new career choice. seems these athletic types like my massage style.i guess it takes an athlete to know an athlete.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


the test pilot during the development for the x-15 was in the cockpit during the testing for the later "big" engine they developed. it blew up but the pilot walked away without a scratch. fuck they did some cool shit in the late 50's and 60's.

Monday, September 26, 2005

round round we go

heard shit today that i did not want to hear,kept a straight face though and never missed a beat in the conversation.well if you cannot lie to yourself you may as well lie to others. i am totaly discontent with things but yet i am also not eager for things to change. a case of better the evil you know than the one you do not.

one of the things i think i want is a relationship but that can be a double edged sword. a lot of people i know their relationships are either stagnant or on the way out.falling out of love seems to be not very pretty. on the inverse side i know a whole bunch whose relationships are in extremely good order and they are all happy as the circumstances of life let them be. maybe it is just the sex i want. maybe i am just better of being content maturbating once in a while and leaving it at that. it is way easier that way. no give ,no take and life just goes on.

like they say,careful what you wish for because it might come true. nothing worse than getting what you want and finding out it is a let down. bah this time of year always fucks me up,i despise grey weather,i am a plant,need sun so i can photosynthasize. nothing to do but continue.

just a foot note athlete comes from the word athleo which means to suffer,to endure,to contend for the prize. it fits


so occupational health and safety was inspecting the shop today. the inspector was a very attractive female. all the guys coming past my mill were all like did you see her,fuck is she good looking. and i am all like do not get fucking fooled,she will nail your nut sack to the wall if she gets a chance.

this comes to the weirdness of humans. most people automatically attribute the best qualities to good looking people. this is why getting through life is so much easier if you are one of the beautiful people. i catch myself even doing it. you hear some nasty news about someone you have the hots for and all you can say is no way,can't be.

case in point is this waitress i know. everyone loves her,every guy in the place wants her(myself included).she just has everything going for her that just attracts men like flies to an out house buffet. talking to another waiter at the same resturant,turns out she can be a total hanus bitch when she is bartending and becomes very ugly to the wait staff. my first reaction was no way,can't be,she is beautiful.

just my observations.

Friday, September 23, 2005


you ever wake up and the sweet smell of decay is in your nostrils.every morning it greets me.when you are 20 you are immortal but as the years progress this just reveals itself to be but an illusion.

on the up side you figure out that maybe you should take a wee bit better care of your self.the demographic for things like massage and other thing that keep you from rusting solid are the middle aged.time has kicked them in the crotch and has told them you cannot party your face off till 4 and get up at 6 without repercussions anymore.

i took a test that was over on andreas blog and i scored a big i act like i am 26 on suprise.does this mean i can date 25 year old women? most peole cannot guess my age because i am so immature but my body tells me in no uncertain terms how old i am.we all get to go through it so no sense lamenting about would just be nice to live forever.
i am sitting here listening to stan rogers thinking it is to bad that he died.he was a story teller in the best sense and was a huge proponent of canadiana

another good story teller is gordon lightfoot.i think i will go buy his greatest hit.i grew up with my mum playing him every five minutes but it was not till a couple years ago that i truly began to appreciate him.

there are so many good singers in this country,good story tellers,our history is written in these is a shame for those that do not explore this talent.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

the pain comes,i let it caress me like a lover returned.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

am i good or what

new client tonight,worked him over,he loved it. gave me the highest marks on my evaluation sheets.said i was an outstanding massage therapist.don't mean to blow my own horn but i think i will-fuck i am good.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

stitch rules-that is all

Saturday, September 17, 2005

it matters not what you do as long as you are passionate about it

Thursday, September 15, 2005

what ever happened to kate bush?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

just because

i felt it a requirment this evening before i retire to making passionate sleep with my pillows that i post something. now that i have,i am off to bed-good night

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

okay okay okay

so if you read my profile you would know that i am a massage therapist student.wht you do not know is that i started building electric massage tables,they go up and down so you can vary the height at the push of a foot i built chassis #001 and it went on the floor of the school so i have never used it.i finally got chassis #002 up and running tonight and damnation it is awesome,who's your daddy?

now how it all works is that you set your table height for the person you are working on andthe majority of the work you do.this means you are at a poor height for a lot of techniques and one has to contort a bit to make it all work. now a powered table one just adjusts the table to the technique .wow it is so much easier doing this.i swear i was giving my client tonight motion sickness as he was up then down then up then down.i will tell you this,he got a much better massage as i was really comfortable and i could move the table into position to try new techniques that would have been awkward otherwise. toooooo coool

Monday, September 12, 2005

the world would be a better place if chickens were all dark meat

Sunday, September 11, 2005

it is the simple things

bought a paper shredder today,been shredding everything in sight.amuses me to no end,hours of fun.

Friday, September 09, 2005

more resources

bought this book today,oodles of info that i can relate to my massage practice as i wish to get to the athletic side of things and dancers are athletes too.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

what do you want?

what turns your crank? what blows your hair back? i think people are fucked and have no idea what they want and are waiting to be told what they like.
what people do to them selves to look good is insane,women get there chests cut open so bags of fluid can be tucked in so they can have bigger breasts.this is infuckingvasive surgery for what? men get the tendons of the junk cut so they can have a longer weapon.they think this will automatically improve everything because now their self-esteem higher.ya well you stupid fuck you got your dink knifed and it now points down when you have a hardon,no more erection for i would give a hamster a run for his money in the old package department but i will tell you this,my self esteem is not based on the size of my shlank and if i were a women it would not be based on the size of my chest.

now lets talk about children with cell phones.but billy has one,pleeese.just me but i do not think 13 year olds should have cells.what is with this fucking generation,everyone wants gadgets.if you are that important they will leave a message at home for you.if you are 13 you are not important enough to warrant a cell phone.

cars cars cars cars-if you are going to run out and buy a sports car because you think it will make you look cool,which it does not,if people are ooohing and awing it is at the car and not you,please drive it with some modicom of intent.there is nothing worse than a fucking retard in a car that does 0-60 in 5 seconds and they drive it like a minivan.

it seems people want all this shit because it will increase their standing with their you ask yourself do i want that because i would like it and appreciate it or because my friend would think i was cool for having it.

i just want to get through the day and hopefully get through life with the minimum amounts of regret.and a couple of nice granite spheres in the 275 pound range would be nice.

i just wanted to rant so there

Monday, September 05, 2005

stupid injuries i have had

i once pulled a bunch of ribs taking a dump of epic proportions.try wiping your ass when it feel like some one has one side of your rib cage in a pair of vise grips

got my hand got in a printing press in jr. high.fuck did that hurt

mounting a print,sliced the tip off of my left index my credit no blood got on the print even though i bled hard

was not watching what i was doing at work on day and the brass i was loading hit the cutter,the brass tried to go through my hand.couple guys turned green as i poked at the wound.18 stiches in the area of a quater to close that baby

in the field throwing,big sean throws the stone and it takes a funny bounce and smashes me in the ankle. it was unintentional revenge for him because earlier in the year i threw a hammer and it took a weird bounce and the handle hit him in the foot and broke a toe.

rappeled of a bridge in the west end and shatterd my fibula into 12 pieces

got tossed off a tire tube in the winter and destroyed my right shoulder,6 weeks of agony for that one

piriformis syndrome-had it twice in a year,would not wish it on the biggest asshole in the world.screaming fucking agony for 2 months.i actualy wanted to take my own life a couple of time it hurt so much.and the fun part is the pain is constant.the condition is caused by the piriformis in the hip going hypertonic and clamping on to the sciatic nerve.sweeeeet.


must go squat even though everything hurts
must make 500 pounds by new years
must make the foot ball fags in the weight room feel even more inadequate when a guy half their size out performs them because they know not how to lift
must come home and question why i do stupid ass shit like this on a regular basis
the answer is it is a sad life to be weak physically or mentally and the day you quit pushing is the day you should be planted
enough platitudes

Sunday, September 04, 2005

my quote of the day at the calgary highland games

my performance at these games proves that i really do have a short penis


yesterday was the last games of the year for me ,fifth in my division,total crap,i was defeated by 2 guys that i should not have been but i did not perform so it is my fault.does not make it less annoying though.

we had a judge from nova scotia this year and he was amused at the streams of curses coming from my cake hole every time i set up to throw "why the fuck do we do this event" "i hate this fucking event" question "so do you hate this event also" answer "no i like this event but i am pretty much sucking at it lately". he made me feel all warm and fuzzy afterward at the post games pizza and pay 5 dollars and drink as much as you want party. he said it was a pleasure having you on the field,you bring a lot of colour out there. he is good people,leo macdonald from antigonish.

i got to drive home last night as the guy i went with drank his face off,no big deal but fucking boring drive from moo town at night,you just wanna fall asleep,we threw the gordon lightfoot in and headed home,the end of another year yay,we get to come back and do it again,only older,now for winter hmmmmmmmm

Friday, September 02, 2005


in the shower scrubbing my face with a vigorous up down motion with both hands.big inhale on the up stroke(of course) and proceed to fill my nasal cavities with copious amounts of zest. kind of indicitive of how the day is gonna go.