Sunday, July 31, 2005

oh yes indeed

my friend tony has come up with a copy of the film "THE DEVILS"

a ken russel tour de force starring oliver reed and vanesa redgrave.this movie is so disturbing and contraversial that it was banned in catholic countries.

check this review out:

Quite arguably this is Ken Russell's masterpiece. It is horrifying not only in content and realization, but it is horrifying because it so accurately captures the most depraved, most base, shadow side of humanity. "The Devils" is unparalleled in its delineation of the extremes people go to in order to preserve belief systems and in its exposure of abuse of power. Foucault and Bateson, eat your heart out.
The story, adapted from Aldous Huxley's "The Devils of Loudon" and loosely based on historical fact, centers around a rebel priest, Father Grandier, caught between his faith and his humanity. The monarchy of Inquistion-obsessed France seeks to destroy the Protestant-leaning town of Loudon. The only way the powers that be can destroy Loudon is to attack Father Grandier, whose liberalism threatens to steer Loudon farther away from Catholicism and thus from the influence of the throne. Cardinal Richeleau sends a troop of morally bankrupt, power hungry freaks to Loudon so that they might turn the citizens against Grandier. Through a series of diabolical manipulations and inescapable double binds, the Church successfully whips Loudon into a religious frenzy whose energy is directed against Grandier. In the end, Grandier--whose only sin is his own sexuality and pride--nobly sacrifices his life so as not to sacrifice his integrity.

this is a movie worth seeing if only once but beautifully shot and redgraves performance is second to none.

another quote about it:

One of only a handful of films ever created that deservedly be called a horror film. A classic which improves with time. Russell succeeds triumphantly in capturing the extreme cruelty and depravity potential in humanity. Truly disturbing and unforgettable.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


i used to run from 76th ave and 108 street up to the high level bridge,through the university to hub mall back to the highlevel and back home.i used to do this in about 20 to 25 minutes.i would run like a mormon from reality.god i hate running.when i shattered my ankle i would go from 76 and 108 to college plaza on 109 street and 112 ave,i got that down to about 20 minutes on crutches.i could really fly on those things but the crashes were quite spectacular and quite often.when you are going for speed on crutches it is quite easy to comprimise directional control and veer into the verge.

my friend sent me this

we are trying to figure out what it it high art or just lewd? it certainly is fucked up.

Friday, July 22, 2005

my renault

that is pronounce rey-no not ray-nalt you fucken heathens,no wonder the french hate us because we hack their language so badly. the car above is the renault alpine a110,not the car i own but ooh i would love one in the old chrismas i have the r5,also known as the le car,boy that marketing ploy sure endeared us to the gauls.

that is the car i have but it has been lowered which i will be correcting and has great big wide fenders which i machined hubs to space out the wheels to actually fit the fenders and has been gutted and is noisy and rusty and incredibly twitchy because one of the front a arm bushings is gone but man is it fun ripping around in.

now this is the car i would really like to own,the r5 maxi turbo.they took the r5 which is a front driver and flipped the engine into the back,turboed the piss out of it and came up with with about 350 horse at 36 pounds of boost.they were wayward nasty cars that had a tendancy to swap ends without warning but the right driver could hang them out all day and not even slow down for corners.

so enough of the history lesson,i fire up the renault after about 8 month and take it for a scream down whyte ave all the way to bonnie is all over the road,th engine is screaming because the throttle peddle is an on off switch and it is noisier than fuck,i am grinning getting the reminder of how much asshole puckering fun this car is.when i hook the anti roll bar up again,one mount got torn off when i found a curb under the snow and fix the a arm bushing,it is really gonna is a guy thing.

while we are on the subject of french cars,this is a citroen deux chevaux,the second longest produced car behind the vw bug.a friend of mine has one,they are hillarious to drive,the suspension is so incredibly soft you can get sea sick just driving.years ago citroen had a contest,anyone who could roll on got a free one.they took a bunch of people to an airport runway and let them have at her,no on flipped the car,you turn hard and the car just sinks down an weebles wobbles but will not fall down

the devastation,i remember these days

Although perhaps not familiar with most club members, in the late Seventies, a
serious of terrible smells of toxic proportions nearly leveled the gym. Eric Seubert and
Dan John had read that large amounts of Dessicated Liver and Brewers Yeast mimicked
anabolic steroids. They ordered two thousand tablets of each and began eating them in
handfuls of fifty or more three times a day.
What they did not understand was the digestive tract. Yeast and liver merely
“ferment” at these levels, providing an “air” pocket to grow in the system. This “air”
needs to be released, usually during Front Squats.

courtesy of dan john

Howard Will, the cigar smoking and dry martini swilling health enthusiast, coined
this term for the time spent doing squats. Any squatting motion could be included under
“Fun Time,” however, the term is used best when attempting as many squats as possible
with bodyweight loaded on the bar. When doing up to fifty reps in this exercise, every rep
above thirty is just fun, fun, fun. Really, you should try

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

winter in wainwright

so we are slogging around camp wainwright on a winter ex,it is a constant 30 below.3 days of this shit and every one wants to go home,we got a couple of infantry guys with us doing tactical,we're com guys,this was one of those 4 times a we ran around year playing at the end of the ex we are packing up and one of the trucks is dead.well we are not gonna leave it,the sargent major hooks it up to an mlvw,one of those big 6 wheel drive military looking trucks,you know the ones.he calls me over and tells me i am steering the dead truck which was a 5/4 ton gmc pick up.why me says i,you have big arms says he.ok,no power no power steering,the guy driving the mlvw was a lineman,little touched they are because they lay line in any terrain and in combat in front of the front lines so they drive fast so they do not get perforated by enemy fire.they stick one of the infantry guys in the cab with me,this guy has his jump wings and a couple of other things so he was supposed to be a bad ass.he was not prepared.then again neither was i.we pull out into the road way,wainwright is all gravel and instantly hit about 90 is one thing to drive at that speed,it is another to be towed.holy fuck,i am sawing on the really hard to turn wheel to stay in the road and roland the lineman is not letting up.the section of camp we were in was also very undulating,what a roller coaster ride.the poor infantry guy was holding on to the dash for dear life,i have the window open,the wind chill must have been about -60 but oddly i was sweating my bag off.we finally make it back to the parade square in the camp proper and the infantry guy gets out without a word and leaves.roland come up to me and says you look like you had it under control so i kept the speed up.thanks roland.on the lighter sside,i forgot to take the park brake off and almost set the back of the truck on fire.good thing it was cold.

stolen from the strength disscussion forum

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson go on a camping trip, set up their tent, and fall asleep. A few hours later, Holmes wakes his friend. “Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see.”Watson replies, “I see a lot of stars.”“What does that tell you?”“Well, astronomically speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and possibly billions of planets,” answers Watson. “Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo. Timewise, it appears to be approximately quarter past three. And meteorologically, I suspect that we’ll have a beautiful day tomorrow. What does it tell you?”“Well, Watson,” begins Holmes, “mostly it tells me that someone stole our fucking tent.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

best quote ever

he took a heroic amount of pain killers and kept competing

Sunday, July 17, 2005

my good deed

went out to beaumont today for a little throwing practice with sean and we set up the weight for height standards and let her rip for a while.we end our practice and head around the front of the house for some iced tea in the drive way(why do we do that here in north america,stand in the driveway or in the alley,it is like se weird ritual)and lo,off 2 doors down is seans neighbor banging on his soffits of his garage,we saunter ove and ask tj what was up,pigeon in the garage got into the soffit area and was not coming after a little tactical discussion,i crawled up the ladder with a garden hose and flushed the bird out of the corner he was hiding in to within my reach,gabbed him and pulled him out.all the women folk about were thinking i should execute the bird but i just placed him on the branch of a nearby tree,he dried out for a couple minutes and then flew away.then i proceeded to drop the 56# weight on empty beer cans because it squishes them real flat and sean commented that it was cool how flat the cans were and sean's wife rolled her eyes at us,in unison we both said it's a guy thing

Saturday, July 16, 2005

thoracic outlet syndrome

you would think it was a problem with a car,but no it is the most insidious of problems that is hard to get rid of because of our stellar modern lifetyles.sitting at desks,driving,anything where your arms are up and infront of you with the tendency to push the head forward.

now i have had thoracic outlet syndrome for years(tos for short),it is often mis diagnosed for carpal tunnel syndrome,a lot of the same symptoms,and i tell you having you hands fall asleep while power mousing or grinding as i do at work or the ultimate in rejection having you own hand fall asleep whilst jerking off gets a bit tedious.i have not slept a full night in years partiall due to this,waking up at 2 in the morning,my hands feel like they are touching live power lines(yes i have it on both sides).

tos is caused by 3 main impingment areas.the cervical rib,the scalene muscles and the pectorilas minor.normally people have 12 pairs of ribs coresponding to thine thoracic vertebrae of which there are 12,imagine that,but nature is quirky and some people have 11 pairs of ribs and some have 13 pairs.the 13th pair will either manifest itself off of the first lumbar vertebrae or in the case of tos the 7th cervical vertabrae.the brachial plexus(the nerves enervating thearm) must go over this rib and are very easily impinged,.along the same lines the plexus can be impinged by the clavicle and the first rib especially if you are one of those people who have a sunken chest and let yor shoulders roll forward.i do not have this version.

the next impingment is where the plexus comes through the anteior and middle scalene muscles.the scalene( there are 3 though some have 4) are located on the side of your neck and attach to the 1st and 2nd ribs.they flex and rotate the head elevate the rib cage during inhalation.the nerves get impinged when the scalenes decide to go hypertonic which means the muscle does not relax,stess is one factor that causes this,poor posture and improper breathing paterns are others.i also do not have this one.

impingment by pectoralis minor muscle is my baby.the pec minor attaches from your 3,4 and 5 rib up to your corocoid process on the scapula(shoulder blade) and lies directly beneath the pec major,the big chest muscle.the brachial plexus runs under the pec minor to the inside of the arm and gets impinged when you raise your arms between the pec minor and corocoid process,kind like the nerves are too short and get pulled into a tight spot..

there are myriad reasons why nerves get impinged,small structure,hypertonic muscles,bad genetics,poor posture,trauma and so forth.the reason tos gets mistaken fot carpal tunnel syndrome is the it is the ulnar fibres of the brachial plexus that usally get impinged so it manifests itself as the classic symptoms of carpal tunnel.lots of people get surgery to to enlarge the carpal tunnel only to fin out that it does nothing.body is a funny thing,i go now.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

little afternoon stonelifting

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

fort ed highland games

the weekend started with the frantic accumulation of steel and associated hardware to create a set of weight over bar them finished at about 11 friday night and zoomed them down to site .

got up next morning and got my skirt on and headed down to the park.what a glorious day,we had a fair crowd,we were in the corral by the selkirk hotel.everyone was kinda throwing lacklustre but the track guy,matt.he is 20 and he was just crushing every thing in site,breaking a pile of field records and winning the comp.

i was throwing about average but in the 56# weight for height i hit 11 feet which i have not done since last year.the standards i built took a beating second to none but survived beautifully,big dave r. piled the weight into the bottom of the crossbar with a rocket of a throw and shot back down at him and nearly took his head fun if there is no danger.

the caber we had was this 17'6" 130 pound beast.i think only 2 guys turned it which was no small feat considering the weight of the thing and the moon scape that we had to run across.all in all it was a good day,got a sun burn,threw stuff and hung with the boys and that is what it is all about

Monday, July 11, 2005

a cute one i caught in eaton centre

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Friday, July 08, 2005

fort edmonton highland games

tomorrow is fort edmonton, my favourite of the games because of the setting. fort edmonton is a really well done historical theme park and is a great setting for the games.the bag pipes resonate throught the park and river valley beautifully if you can use that term with the pipes.looks like it is gonna be a stupendous day,running around in a kilt getting sun burnt,could you ask for anything better.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

just a thought

when the spot you are standing on is facing the moon,the world is pulled out of round by about a foot by its gravitational pull.

standard machining measurment is 0.001 of an inch also known as 1 thou in machinest talk.a hair on your head is o.010 or ten thou.i am now working in tenth of a thou or 0.0001 or an increment of one one hundreth of your hair.

the right whale has the largest testicals of any creature in the world,they weigh in at about a was also known as the right whale because it was the right whale to kill.

the speed of sound was broken many times during world war 2 by pilots in power dives but they all passed out and got squished.

fm radio became viable in world war 2 when the researcher responsable was looking for a reciever that would hear the ignitions of german aircraft,did not work but made a great radio reciever.

your eyes are the same size from the day you are born to the day you die.

you were born without knee caps

your spine has 4 curves in it,when you were born it had 1.

if you could run at about one hundred miles per hour you could run on water.

good night

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

self portrait

back when i was experimenting with photo montage and i had hair,now they do it on computers

not the life of the party

she a mannequin and one of my best models

the potential for happiness was there during this shoot,then she left me

i said how lonely can you look,he says huh? my girlfrind at the time says how small of a ball can you get into? he says ahhh

just plain cool

one of my more creative days

pros and cons

cons first

god hates me
socially inept
fall in love too easily
am short in every dimension
slightly by polar
am an iconoclast
disinterested in most things
have poor perception at times
sometimes a dreamer
short attention span


loyal to a fault
can ride a unicycle
am an iconoclast
sometimes a dreamer
can pick up 200 pounds with my teeth
great stamina last time i checked
will buy tampons for a woman because i understand
told i am a great massage therapist
drive a renault

it is curious how one analyses one self. many faults are also qualities that define someone.we are all flakey in one way or another and some more so than some being slightly off is endearing and in others it just makes them unbearable.i do not get along with a lot of people but those i do i get along quite well.there is no middle ground .i have my hand full of friends and no casual aquaintences.other people i know have myriad relationships and no shortage of friends to socialize with.i kinda like the frank zappa thing,one good solid relationship and everything alse just came and went,the problem is finding the flake that matches your flakeyness so you can be flakey together.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

uh huh

i try,i do not try, same result.
i stare over the edge into the abyss,it always would be so easy and darkness would envelope.people are could at escaping,hence the popularity of alchohol.i do not drink.there is no escape for me,i am in the here and now always.i am aware of all my short comings yet never seem to correct them.i have so much to do yet i do nothing.i do not feel like other people,some tragedy happens and not a twinge of interest from me,some stupid scene in a stupid movie that does not mean anything and i am crying like a baby.i would like to go out side and scream at god"hey you,what the fuck were you thinking" but god does not exist in my world.on more escape i do not have nor do i want.the ideal is always there but it is flawed,i know that,nothing can ever be everything you ever wanted.i am tired and i am writing bullshit and i am feeling sorry for my self.i went throwing tonight,the session was quite succesful ,some good throws,what does it mean,fuck is sucking a bit,what does it mean,fuck all.what does it mean in the end,fuck all.what is the meaning of life,there is not one,you are born,you die and along the way you do shit.that is enough of this,i promise to be cheerier tomorrow.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

getting old

you know what i hate about getting old besides the fact i look like a geriatric 90 year old man getting out of bed and i have to hobble down the hall to the facillities? the hair,it grows every where. i got coming out of my ears and my nose and i get these big long nasty eye brow hairs. and it fucking hurts plucking all of it out. and then there is the soul patch that is growing at the base of my neck and the furry shoulders are a real treat too. natures little joke hah hah

a dancer

i was over on holly's blog and she was talking about dancing so in that vein here is a pic i took at a highland games of a friend warming up for her competiton

Friday, July 01, 2005

canada day

hmm let us see what happens
drink from noon on and become a humoungous twat
yell and scream at the top of your lungs like a great big twat
generaly behave like a hooligan and a twat
mouth off a cop in a drunken stupour while acting like a twat and get a well deserved beating
complain to the press that it is your unalienable right to get drunk on canada day and the cops had no right to break your face with a billy club because you were being a great big fucking twat
i am between a newfie bar and a house full of newfies and they are all drunk and acting like big twats,it is only 11 pm,it will be a long evening.
canada day,should be called i am a twat day.
fucking twats

blah blah blah

fuck i am tired,i could not give a shit if the world ended this second.i have a feeling i am slightly bi polar but dealing with it is what has to be done.i have already had 2 friends that were on behavioural modifiers,i think both were effexor,a derivitive of prozac and fuck me,i see that shit and what it does do you,you will be planting me before i take drugs to feel more stable.part of this tired feeling most likely stems from the fact i have not had sex in a million years,being touched is such a cornerstone of our existence.regardless of how tough and strong some of like to appear,lack of intimacy begins to wear hard.but again that has to be dealt with also.the world is full of shit and we are lucky enough to be in the oasis in the middle of that when i feel tired and hate life,i keep it to myself and take it out on no one,i sit quitely in th corner like i am doing now and i know that there are lots of people with way bigger problems so mine are pretty small and i deal with it.