Monday, March 27, 2006

interesting site if you are a tea drinker- dilmah

the local save on foods across from me stopped carrying their green tea.
a pox upon them, i like that tea, now i have to find another vendor of that fine drink


Sunday, March 26, 2006

what part of the meat popsicle will it be?

multifidus it shall be

you have a gadzillion of these along your spine, well ok a pair for each vertabrae and they orginate on the transverse procceses of your vertabrae( little wing like projection on each side of the vertebral body ) and they insert on the spinous process of the vertabrae two spaces above.

these little guys do all the stabilization for your spine and are the first muscle to pack it in when you have back problems. clinical evidence shows that if you are experiencing back pain, it is likely that a couple of your mutifidus are no longer doing their job. i will get more into this in another post, it is a lot of info.

speaking of backs, cirque du soliel released la nouba on dvd and i found a copy.

so cool

have i ever told you i love cirque du soliel

huh huh

vancouver in june, varekai, weekend trip, cannot wait.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Saturday, March 11, 2006

food,must find food because really,even with a nice teriyaki sauce,my own arm really would not taste that good

diseminating mind blowing shit

or so i like to think

found the article on propioceptive taping sitting in plain sight,figures.

what muscle has wow all over it today

the scm which is short for sternocleoidmastoid. it is that ropey muscle on each side of you neck.

the scm is actually a 2 belly muscle,each muscle inserting at the mastoid process of your noodle(base of your skull behind your ear).

one of the bellies originates on the manubrium of your sternum(your breast bone is collectively called the sternum but is 3 parts,the upper part being the manubrium,the middle being the sternum and the inferior part being the xiphoid process). the other belly originates at the medial portion of the clavicle.

i can hear you all out there begging to know what this muscle does,what does it do what does it do you cry. stuff i say,it does stuff.

ok-it unilaterally flexes the head to the same side and rotates the head to the opposite side
bilaterally they flex the neck.

knowledge is yours-bubye

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

what shall it be today?

the leg bone attaches to the ass bone-hmmmm i am having trouble coming up with a post today. maybe i just do not feel like writing about something that will bore the local readership.

this is a short one
the brain is covered with 3 layers,the meninges. hah you say that word looks familliar,it is. meningitis is the inflamation of the meninges.

the outer most layer is the dura mater
the middle layer is the arachnoid
and the inner most layer which is casualy rubbing against your brain is the pia mater.

what a cerebral post

pun intended

on a lighter note my maassage career might take a bit of an up swing,i will let on when i know more.

blah blah blah

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

the pelvis

the pelvis,hmmm hey baby,nice pelvis- this is where i get slapped.

the pelvis consists of 3 bones fused together-the ilium,the ishium and the pubic bone. you have 2 each of these,the pubic bones meet at the pubic symphisis and th ilium are attached to the sacrum which is the base of your spine. the ishial tuberosities are the bony part of your ass on which you sit upon. where the 3 bones fuse together forms the coxal bone and the acetabulem which is where the head of the femur lives.

guys,your pelvis is generally shallower,taller and narrower than your girlfriend over there.hte big hole through the centre of the whole works is also bigger on the females for the purposes of passing wee lifeforms through. the big hole by the way is known as a foraman but i canna remember the name of this one,must look up.

that was exciting,stop this rollercoaster ride.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

the piriformis

nasty little muscle yes indeed.

lateral rotator of the hip and quite literaly can be a pain in the ass.

it lateraly rotates the hip and abducts the thigh whilst leg is flexed ant the hip

originates at the anterior surface of the sacrum passing across the greater sciatic notch and inserting upon the greater trochanter(put your hand directly on your hip and it is thethat hard point) of the femur.

the sciatic nerve passes through the sciatic notch on it's way down your leg under the piriformis. some lucky people the sciatic nerve passes over top or even through the belly of the muscle. when something causes the piriformis to tighten up it will impinge the sciatic nerve and oh boy,fun fun. can we say staggering pain.this is known as piriformis syndrome, i have had it twice and you never want to have it,trust me on this one, 6 weeks of hell.

Friday, March 03, 2006

ok ok ok

so today i start new series of posts,an item of anatomy a day. i am being all tricksies because i will now be using my blog as a learning tool and it also gets me updating on a regular basis, and of course it will keep you all glued to my every entry as you will really want to know the ins and outs of anatomy(sic).

today we shall go with the deltoid as i know this one and i do not have to look it up.

origin(the fixed point of the muscle,the origin and insertion can actualy flip flop on some muscles depending on what is moving)- lateral clavicle,lateral portion of the spine of the scapula(shoulder blade) and the acromion which is where the clavicle meets the scapula at the AC(acromioclavicular) joint. on a side note,if one scoots down the clavicle medialy to where it meets th sternum at theSC(strernoclavicular) joint,this is the only bony contact your shoulder-arm assembly makes with the skeleton.

the insertion(the attachment of the muscle on the part that moves) of the deltoid is on the deltoid tuberosity(large rounded protuberance on a bone) on the lateral surface about third of the way down of the humerus(that be the arm bone).

the deltoid itself is the muscle that caps your shoulder and is a very robust muscle,rarely having any pathologies,so that pain you are having there ain't the deltoid.

it is responsible for flexing the GH( glenohumeral) joint( the technical name for the joint as the head of the humerus sits in the glenoid fossa of the scapula),extending the GH joint,abduct the arm,horizontally adduct the arm,flex and extend the shoulder and finally,lateraly and medially totate the shoulder. the long and short of it is that if yuo move your arm,the deltoid is doing something.

wow that was dry,i am sure you are all waiting with bated breath for tomorrows entry.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the inferior portion of your spinal cord is called the cauda equina because it looks like a horses tail.

the soleus which is the calf muscle that lies deep to the gastrocnemius,the calf muscle everyone sees,is names after a fish,sole.

the concave surface in which the head of your femur(your leg) fits into your hip is called the acetabulem which means little bowl of vinegar.

the corocoid process which is part of your scapula(shoulder blade) means crows beak.

i was bored so you get anatomy lesson.

now where in the world are you gonna see two renault fives with mercury wheels in the same parking lot?

the red one is mine,the silver is clayton's.