Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yes I am alive

Just not motivated to communicate with the world

got fired from my machining job, not suprised they fired me, suprised they had the balls too do it.

I full well knew the course I was taking an accept the consequences , just got tired of their bullshit and made a stand, they did not seem to like that too much, cannot have an individual working for the company, god forbid they might think for themselves.

One owner was on my side but he did not have enough pull, such is life.

nothing else going on, meh

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ron Paul quote, interesting

The Economicsof a Free Society

These selections lay out my views of the proper role of government,
namely that it should serve only to protect the life and property of its citizens.
I respect the Constitution not because of a nostalgic attachment to
an anachronistic document, but because the Founders knew the danger in
allowing government to overstep its legitimate functions. It is unfortunate
that many Americans today don’t understand the Founders’ wisdom
in framing our government on the principles of federalism and republicanism—
as opposed to “democracy.” A free society can only work when
its members agree that there are certain things left to the discretion of
individuals—no matter what a temporary majority might think. In practice
this means the government must respect private property and the
rule of law, or what is also called free market capitalism.